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100 year old job shack turned tiny house

I cannot tell you how pleased we were to tackle this unique project. The property we are working with is an old cedar mill with a job shack on the property. Over the years, primitive changes were done to the structure and getting this building into a workable condition was a task not to be considered lightly.

Check out that "shack" on the left, in the background behind the vehicles. That is the structure that we are working with.

After making some minor repairs to the original foundation, our crew set about replacing any rot involved. Thankfully none of it was structural and only minor "surgery" was needed.

Next comes drying in the structure to protect it from the elements. The client chose a standing seam metal roof and hardi board siding with board and batten details. Up on that ladder is our newest crew member "Andrew" who we are excited to have on our team. Wave to Andrew! Our crew fashioned those corbel details to give the exterior design the boost that this simple structure needed.

Next comes exterior paint to be done by one of our favorite paint subcontractors Don Scott. Don is a master at exterior paint. You are probably familiar with the term "Blow & Go" Don DOES NOT do a blow and go paint job. He does exterior restoration on many of the beach homes in Bay Center and his paint job is top notch!

Next week, our crew will be putting in the interior details so that these home owners can move in next month!

This one bedroom tiny home will feature a 300 sq ft main living space with a kitchen and living room. Vaulting the ceiling gave a light and open feeling to this tiny space. The single bathroom will house the laundry closet featuring the new LG laundry center. We can't wait for the interior finish details to happen. Stay tuned......

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I can second both Don Scott's work and Sugar Valley....I have used both and you won't find better in Pac county.


Tara Lewis
Tara Lewis
Aug 05, 2021

Love watching the progress!!!


Michelle Layman
Michelle Layman
Aug 04, 2021

Looks fun! Great work as usual!

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