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Concrete Countertops


Concrete countertops have lots of character, they work beautifully for a farmhouse, industrial, or modern vibe. If you are genuinely interested in having a unique, custom surface, and can appreciate the organic elements of natural concrete, then concrete countertops are for you! They are also very durable and long lasting, if properly sealed and maintained.


Concrete countertops do require consistent upkeep. You'll need to regularly reapply sealer and wax to protect the surface of your counters. Spills and messes should be cleaned up right away to avoid stains.

As long as your concrete remains properly sealed, it should be as easy to clean as laminated surface. As a general rule, use a pH-neutral cleaner and avoid the use of aggressive scrubbing pads or abrasive cleaners that can wear away the sealer. A host of pH neutral cleaners can be found on Amazon.

Why does concrete show variation on the surface and edges?

All of Sugar Valley Builders concrete products are heat cured for over 12 hours. We use a very low water-to-cement ratio and a considerable amount of mix additives to ensure you are getting the best high strength concrete on the market. Our batching, weighing, and casting process is extremely consistent with all ingredients being measured to the 100th of a gram. Sugar Valley Builders is and has always been dedicated to perfecting the art of casting amazing concrete products.

Even with all these processes, structures, and protocols in place; concrete projects still exhibit variations and random markings. Why is your concrete imperfect?

There isn’t one particular reason why concrete products show surface and edge variations. That’s the beauty of the natural concrete as it is an organic texture and finish. The first step to understanding “why” is to understand that this material is a finished product of a chemical reaction called hydration. A lot of chemical reactions occur within concrete during the curing process which affect the final surface as well as the integrity of the product. Moisture and heat escape the concrete, leaving behind a visual story on the surface and edge of your project. Two other factors that have a huge impact on the product are the casting process and the artisans touch. Both add their own chapters to the concrete production story.

What you may see as an unacceptable blemish is simply the evidence of the story in which your concrete project was created. If that variation was not present, the product would be void of the integrity to what it is… Handmade…

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