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Jared's Salon

Previously, Sugar Valley Builders, a local 98577 general contractor for design and build, had done a kitchen remodel on Jared, and his husband Jason's kitchen and had done a beautiful job. After having redesigned their kitchen, Jared asked Sugar Valley Builders to convert his small laundry room into a salon. The client wanted it to continue to be a laundry room with the washer and dryer units still in the room, but the main function of the room to be a salon. The ultimate goal for Jared was to be able to work full time from home. Jared already had his design and layout of the room planned out. However, the day we arrived to do the project, the whole plan changed. Jim, our general contractor, saw the room and visualized how it would be with the work space in the corner. Jim thought the work space would be too cramped and not very useable. He came up with the idea of adding doors in the corner to hide the washer and dryer and put the work space where the washer and dryer were supposed to be. We were also originally going to do sheetrock for the whole room but then decided to do this beautiful dark wood and black trim to hide any flaws that were in the walls. It all ended up working out for the best, with the washer and dryer just barely fitting in the corner and the doors Jim and Dennis, his finish carpenter, built turned out beautifully.

To the right of the washer and dryer, was a door to the garage. Our crew came up with the creative idea to take out the door to the garage and close up the opening with the same dark wood and black trim. They then added custom shelving for Jared's product display.

This gorgeous bench below was added by Jared to accentuate the space and provide seating for his waiting clients.

The work space fit much better where the washer and dryer were supposed to be and gave Jared much more room to do his thing. We outlined the whole workspace with the same dark wood and black trim and I think he would agree it turned out really nice.

Jared and his husband, Jason, picked out the tiling for the floors, a dark brown tile that matched the dark wood, and then Jim added the patterned tile in the middle of the room to give a sort of rug look.

It all came together perfectly, and is now a beautiful salon for anyone wanting a new look. We're excited to announce that Jared's Beauty Salon is now open full time for all of your cut, color, and restyling needs. Hours are 9am-6pm and you can book online at

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