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Major kitchen remodel on a minor budget

When our clients called to discuss a full kitchen remodel, we were excited to learn that they had collected many re-use and re-purpose materials to use in their project. Not only would this help with the budget, it would give our finish crew the opportunity to use their experience in customizing stock finishes, to look like a custom kitchen was in the budget, while making repairs to the clients cabinets.

The clients provided us with these 2nd use cabinets from a home in Portland. When the original owners decided to change the style of their kitchen, they sold these cabinets at a bottom dollar price. My client scooped them up and have been moving them around with them over the years, waiting for the opportunity to put them to use in their own kitchen. While the cabinets were damaged a bit, not quite to proper size and needed quite a bit of modification to fit perfectly in the new kitchen, this was no problem for Travis Johnson, our detailed finish carpenter.

Keep scrolling to see what they looked like BEFORE

The client had also picked up, at a bargain sale, several butcher block pieces for just $300! Not only did we utilize this gorgeous material as butcher block countertops, they are the same materials used to detail the hood vent, the floating shelves and the details seen under the farm sink that was also a bargain find provided by the client.

One obstacle in this kitchen design, was limited space. Our client wanted as much storage as possible, but the full window layout inhibited the use of upper cabinets. The solution was to do a complete wrap on the fridge that would give a pantry wall that was not an option in their previous kitchen design. The clients suggestion to keep the adjacent laundry room door as an open doorway, led to the extension of this cabinet wall, overall expanding the view of the kitchen. Genius!

Note the use of a bit of pizazz with that gorgeous wallpaper focal wall. Just enough to give this kitchen character and class!

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