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Raela's Vintage Kitchen

Raela Mcvey asked Sugar Valley Builders , a local 98577 general contractor , to remodel her kitchen. Raela wanted her new kitchen to be bright and unique to match the aesthetic of her vintage style and decor. Our Sugar Valley Builders crew added a lot of custom work to this kitchen that Jim, our general contractor, designed himself. Previously, Raela had hired someone else to do her kitchen but unfortunately it did not go as planned so there were some things that needed more attention than others. The main concern was the counter. Jim did an amazing job with this counter. He extended the whole side to make an overhang for chairs as well as to hid a flaw in the floor, caused by the previous contractor. Travis, our finish carpenter, custom made X panels that matched the design on the chairs and to add inside the overhang. Jim also made the custom concrete tops for the counter.

Travis also added the custom X panels to the sides of the counter and to both sides of the entrance door.

These custom barn door sliders are EVERYTHING to top off this design. From the entry of the home and into the kitchen, both sides of these custom sliders have the same X panel detail as the cabinetry. "Stunning" is the word! In this distance, notice that Jim came up with the idea of adding legs to the base of each kitchen cabinet. Giving this kitchen the custom design that a box kitchen would have been lacking.

Custom made reclaimed wood shelves were added for Raela to display her vintage kitchen decor. Dennis, our master tiler, installed the herringbone backsplash tile. Not an easy layout but no problem for Dennis!

This kitchen could not have been more custom made to Raela's liking and I think that's what made it turn out so great. We love when our clients have specific ideas and preferences because it makes it easier for us to really give the client what they want and it also makes the job more fun and rewarding.

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