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"How to Design Spaces for Emotional Impact: A Guide for Creating Atmosphere over Aesthetics"

What does that even mean???

Have you ever walked into a space and you just felt like the space wrapped you in a warm blanket and held you close? Is it just me?? Lol, I feel that way when a space is designed so perfectly.

The thing that you have to know is that this feeling isn't achieved when the room is half way done or even 90% done. This feeling is only achieved when every last thing is in place and when every last thing is just perfect. That is the Sugar Valley Builders way. We don't leave a project until every last detail is perfect. Not many contractors can say that! Normally they walk away when the job is completed to a minimum and the last payment has been made.

Now that you think I'm crazy, maybe a little bit dramatic, let me explain a little and see if I can't get you feeling a little crazy and dramatic too. I mean, afterall, sane and calm is totally boring....

Hi, my name is Dori and I am an interior design addict. Not only am I a little bit obsessed about designing spaces for my clients, I am also the owner and manager of Sugar Valley Builders. I have been pouring over interior design magazines, shows, and articles ever since I was a little girl. My Mom used to take me with her to garage sales and thrift stores and I am fortunate enough to be able to spot a diamond in the rough when I see it.

I remember mom would spend less than $10 on a thrifted item, take it home and work her magic to make it a beautiful part of our home, well worth hundreds of dollars. Growing up we didn't have much but Mom always made sure that our home was warm and inviting. This translates into seeing a space for what it could be and not for what it currently is. I have been told "That's not normal Dori", because I can literally stand in a room and visualize in my head, new paint, new trim, new fixtures, new flooring, new lighting and even a new layout, all in my head and without doing any of the work, I can see it before we've even begun. It's nice for my clients that I can offer a digital rendering of their completed space, for them to view during the planning stages of each design project.

When I reshape an item or a space into a perfect treasure, my heart, right in my chest, literally hums with delight. Check out the "One Dollar Chair" that I bought for just $1.00 and after some thrifted fabric, some leftover paint and a little bit of elbow grease, Voila!

Do you know what the best part is? After I sold this chair, for well over what I had in it, I was hired to design the space of the wonderful woman that bought it. Would you like to see the kitchen that I designed and had my crew remodel for this client? Check it out here!

Am I Speaking Your Language Yet?

Now, I understand that I can't expect everyone to relate. By now at least half of you have stopped reading my little article here and have moved onto other things. How can such an understanding of atmoshphere and mood be translated into a conversation about design? It's in the tone of the paint color, the feel and texture of the fabric, the glow of the lighting and the mystery of the shadows that are cast in the room at different times of day.

If you can feel what I mean but you are struggling to find that hum in your chest in your own space, give me a hollar, I'm happy to help you design the space of your dreams and even help you implement that design so that one day, you'll be sitting in your space, looking around, and feeling that feeling and you will know exactly what I mean! Oh, an here is a little eye candy to share with you just some of the spaces that we have done over the years.

Google Analytics Tells Me That I MUST have a closing message

My closing message is this...

I find that the feel of my home is reflected in my mood. When I have a home that is energizing to my soul, my soul is energized. It has taken me years to figure out what my style is and how to implement that into my home. If you are struggling to find that in your home, give me a call, we'd be happy to guide you there.

A gallery of my own remodel will be available soon. Make sure you are subscribed to our email list to get an update of all that we've done to our own home.

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