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The Meaning Behind Our Name

We often get asked "Where did the name Sugar Valley Builders" come from? That is an easy story to tell but grab your tissues because this one might hit you in the feels.

Growing up, owner and general contractor Jim Patrick was lucky enough to be raised by one of the greatest step dads there ever was. Steve Keller was a talented man with a big heart and a strong sense of character. Jim grew up by his side, tagging along to turn a wrench, weld a bead, or toss a hammer. If it needed fixing, Steve was your man. He had the patience of a saint when it came to Jim. This man taught Jim the foundation for fabricating anything that you could imagine. If you can think it, this man can build it.

"Why Sugar Valley?", don't worry, I'm getting to it. Be patient....

Life was good for Jim growing up with Steve Keller. Don't think there weren't some rough times too. Jim was the kind of kid that needed a good thump when he screwed up. I believe I remember a story about someone jumping on the sofa and having to only be told once before a thump was being told twice. On weekends you would always find Jim and his siblings out at Sugar Valley Shake Mill, riding 4 wheelers, eating potluck and making trouble.

The best family memories were made out at Sugar Valley Shake Mill. The Mill was no longer a fully operating shake mill but it was a playground for a kid like Jim.

Fast forward a few years when Jim was barely a man, he met the love of his life. ME! When we began dating it became apparent that every weekend would be spent out at Sugar Valley Shake Mill. I did not mind one bit. I fell in love with the place faster than I fell in love with Jim and don't let him convince you otherwise. To hear him tell it, I stalked him! Imagine, me, pursuing him. Dream on!!

As time passed, we grew up, we had our own children to bring out to the mill. Our kids played with cousins Dennis Johnson and Joshlynn Johnson out on the sawdust pile, riding 4 wheelers and rolling around in the dirt at the mill. Both Dennis and Joshlynn work for Sugar Valley Builders today. Ask any one of us, our hearts are all at Sugar Valley on a daily basis.

Good Times at Sugar Valley..........Joshlynn & Dennis..............The road that leads us home

When Jim and I started this business, it was absolutely our first thought to honor Steve Keller and Steve's dad Boyd, by naming our business Sugar Valley Builders. It was where we fell in love, where we both learned to work hard and honor those around us with respect, integrity and love. You'll find that in the work that we do.

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