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The use of texture and color in design

Did you give into the grey interior design craze that went on for the last few years? Gone are the grey days of bland and boring interior design. Adding touches of color and texture to an already grey interior, helps give your interior the warmth and feel of a cozy wool sweater. If you're ready for a facelift, this is the way to go. However, if you're ready for a redo, we've got warm and cozy designs waiting for your just around the corner. Click here to connect with an estimator for your project.

6 ways to warm up your grey interior

  • 1) Add natural wood elements for warmth and texture. A well loved brown leather chair, a woven natural rug, reclaimed wood shelving, a comfy throw, all help warm up a grey space. The natural warm tones will help to soften things up.

  • 2) Warm toned lighting is a must. One of the easiest changes you can do to make your room feel cosier is to make sure your bulbs are warm in tone. Natural light will of course affect the feel of a room. If it’s north facing or doesn’t have much natural light, a room will feel naturally cooler, so a grey wall may feel even greyer. But once that daylight has gone and you are relying on artificial light, make sure you have a few table and floor lamps to instantly create warm spots in the room.

  • 3) Bring in the green plants! It’s not a new trend to have houseplants of course, but they can sometimes be forgotten as a great way to bring natural colour and form into a space. Plants are a very cost effective way to bring color into your grey space. Not to mention the therapeutic benefits that go along with plants.

  • 4) Use highly textured finishes. Don’t use shiny fabrics but go for textured finishes like wool and linen to give a more relaxed look. Bring in layers of texture with rugs and mis-matched cushions.

  • 5) Colours to use with grey. We love apricot or even yellows or greens and even pinks to warm up a grey interior. My personal favorite is an apricot velvet sofa on this neutral grey interior.

  • Metal finishes. The obvious one to go with grey is chrome but if you want to warm things up think about changing to brass- not as bright as gold but will warm the palette up. We love vintage brass! It has a built in patina that speaks warm, cozy and well loved. This space here has it all!

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