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Walk through a home addition project with us

When clients Jeri and Josh came to us with their idea of putting an addition on their family home, we were excited for the challenge because the original home had the most beautiful craftsman details.

When working with a historical home, it's important to retain the details and form of the original structure, when planning an addition. As contractors who covet these timeless features, we were ready to jump on board with this project. The original farmhouse was built by Jeri's grandfather and the craftsman home you see from this picture on the right, was the addition that Jeri's father honored the original structure with, many years ago. Now it was Jeri's turn to add to the home by updating the original farmhouse portion of the home and add an at home salon to the structure as well.

As contractors who offer design build services, planning a project of this scope can be timely, but is well worth it in the end. You'll see...

There's a reason why Jeri and Joshes final project plan is called "Plan J". We went through 9 different floorplans and project reviews before finding "The One!".

In the end, the clients decided that they needed to update the existing kitchen space, add an additional livingroom, laundry, bedroom, bath and of course Cut Loose Salon.

Exterior Details: Not only did we match the details on the exterior of the original home, we made several repairs to the original details. You can't tell where the original home leaves off and the new addition begins.


Let's talk about how gorgeous this kitchen turned out. Installing Schuler custom cabinets, quartz countertops and all of the the finest farmhouse details, highlighted this homes already beautiful interior. Some of the obstacles that we ran into were that the Schuler cabinet package came in short of decorative end panels and between us and the client, we decided the upper trim did not compliment the design, nor did the cabinet pulls that the client had ordered. Our master craftsman, Travis, fabricated what was needed to complete the design and our in house designer ordered the proper handles for installation by our finish crew.


In the livingroom space, it was important to match the windows to balance out the original windows on the exterior. This allowed for a gorgeous span of lighting to flow from outside and into the intimate livinroom setting.

Waterproof pergo laminate flooring was installed. These floors look just like the vintage hardwoods that we all seek in our interiors, but are sturdy enough for when a couple of the residents are dogs. The sweetest dogs they are. Our finish crew still mentions them fondly from time to time.


Yes, this bright and cheery space is really a work room. The client wanted to be able to enjoy her surroundings while doing laundry. Also, let's talk about all that storage! I know I'm envious! Imagine your laundry space with a little updating.... The possibilities are endless!

Just beyond the livingroom, our crew remodeled the old farmhouse open space into a master suite, complete with a new clawfoot tub. Yes, that trim is all new and installed by our finish crew, to match the trim in the original home.

Master Suite:

This master suite has it all, right down to the curbless walk in shower. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves here...


Last but not least is the Salon Space. Clients have a warm and inviting salon to enjoy while Jeri attends to their salon services. The custom made salon station was originally a vintage buffet that was transformed into a one of a kind piece to highlight this wing of the home.

If you have a dream project in mind and don't know where to start, start here by setting up an appointment with our design team, and have us design the space of your dreams.

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Hi Dori, is this something SVB did, or a reference to remodeling in general?

Dolores Patrick
Dolores Patrick
Oct 18, 2022
Replying to

This was a project that we designed and built last year. Such a fun and rewarding project and the clients were the best!

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