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Repairs that last!

Sugar Valley Builders is known for their remodels.  We do small single room remodels to entire home remodels.  If your remodel includes structural changes, we work with an engineer to get your project done right from the bones to the finishes.  Remodel clients have design finishes already chosen and are ready for an estimate.  If you are not sure about what direction to take your remodel?  Our greatest talent is taking stock finishes and adding small custom details to give it a customized look unlike anything your friends will have.  Designed and implemented just for you!  In this case, check out our Design Build Services for more information. 

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Full House Remodel

Design is our passion!  From Cabinet choices, to flooring, finishes and even trim, we help you shape your remodel or build into the design of your dreams. 


Using architectural design programming, we can build your design into a visual model for you to review and experience before your project even starts.  


We specialize in  small home repairs.  From installation of a new door and windows, to fixing that pesky leak that nobody seems to be able to locate the source of. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Office:  (360) 875-8079

Estimates:  (360) 589-7798

Color Consultation:  We make choosing the right color for your home a simple and satisfying process that eliminates process of painting swatches over and over before deciding on colors.  In addition, using a color consult can often save you the time and frustration of picking the wrong color and having to start at square 1 again.  Choose a color package.

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