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Design Phase (4-8weeks)

The interior design portion of your design build timeline goes to the design of your new space. This includes the wants and needs of the overall look of your interior.  For interior design I try to allow for no more than 1 appointment per week to tackle the decisions. Meeting twice per week is an aggressive schedule, and not all homeowners have that time available.

All told, the Design Phase can be completed in 4-8 weeks. Smaller projects with fewer decisions can be done more quickly. Larger projects can spend 4-8 weeks in design.

Maintaining a consistent meeting schedule keeps the decisions on track. Following a structured selection process is key to getting through the choices and getting the interior design that you want. 


Designing Expectations by Week

  • 7th Meeting:  When you meet with your designer, come prepared with pictures, pinterest pages and other ideas of what design style you prefer.  A good designer will assess your home and get an idea of your style by what you already have styled in your home.  

  • 8th Meeting:  When you next meet, expect your designer to have some finishes chosen for you to look at. You will go through finishes and select “yay” or “nay” on some, to allow your designer to narrow in on your style.

  • 9th Meeting:  By the time you meet with your designer at this time, expect to have some visuals prepared, for the overall interior look of your room.  Whether it be an idea board or some finishes to touch and feel, this will further solidify your design.

  • 10th Meeting:  By this time, you should already know what the overall design of your interior spaces will be and a final finishes list will be ready for you review and sign for final approval.  Once the interior design is complete, your estimate can be finalized and a contract ready for approval on the project start and completion dates.  At this stage we are ready to build!

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