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Dori and her design team have earned a reputation for designing beautiful spaces in a wide range of styles for the clients in the pacific county area.  Recently, when teaming up with an engineer and drafting agent, it was discovered that this part of the design process had been lacking in our area.  Soon exclusive design requests were coming in.  Sugar Valley Builders & Design was born! We are now offering exclusive kitchen and bath design services.  We are on a mission to create beautiful spaces for your home.

Keeping your budget in mind, we help you choose finishes to match the function and design that best fits with you and your family's needs. With the function of your home, we prepare a layout for your space.   We’re here to help you every step of the way. From selecting counter surfaces, choosing cabinetry, tile, handpicking fixtures, and selecting your perfect color palette – we guide you in making decisions that will best suit your design and lifestyle needs.

Why are remodel design plans important?

Instead of asking “What is the cost of remodel design plans?” ask yourself, “What is the cost of not having them?”

Remodeling your home is usually a long, complicated process. So, while it’s possible to begin construction with a general idea of what you want and work out the details as you go, this can get very messy very quickly with change orders and unexpected costs due to improper planning. Instead, the most successful remodels are the ones that have extensive planning and design done before construction begins.  Less surprise costs!

What is the cost of remodel design?  The cost of your designs are 5% of the overall remodel budget.  For example, if youre budget for a kitchen remodel is $40,000 then expect your design cost to be $2,000 plus travel fees for designs done out of our construction area.  

stand exactly what to build and how to go about it. 

What you will receive with your design services:

  • An initial 1 hour consultation to go over your space, take measurements and get an idea of your design needs. 

  • Up to 3 In person design meetings to go over finishes and layout

  • 3-3D design option renderings of your design and layout.

  • A comprehensive list of your final design choices and sources for obtaining the materials necessary to complete your project.

  • Hands on design support during your construction process.  We will meet with the builder of your choice, to make sure that the design is implemented to the specifications of the final design that you have chosen.

  • A complete construction estimate for your design project, that can be used to decide which contractor to go with, whether it be our remodeling team or not.


Remodel designs provide a clear vision for your remodel

You do yourself a huge favor when you provide your build team with a set of designs for a remodel. It gives everyone a clear, attainable goal for your project from the onset. By having design plans, your build team can better organize the work on your home. They can manage their construction schedule, order correct materials, and hire any subcontractors necessary to complete the job.

Design plans are also one of the best ways to prevent unwelcome surprises during construction. For remodels that begin without designs, you run the risk of additional costs down the road. A contractor might get halfway through a build and realize that the job will be more complicated than expected. When you take the time to measure, plan, and fully design a remodel, your build team is more likely to understand exactly what to build and how to go about it. 

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